10' Starter-Box:80-A3

10' Starter-Box:80-A3


We like to party.

The 80-A3 is designed to put your brand at the center of the action.  With 3 windows and awnings you can be sure that your product or activity will gain maximum exposure.

This box is ideal as a popup kiosk or micro retail store or for a myriad of events and festivals such as Burning Man, Coachella or Glastonbury - to name a few. Unlimited potential. Convert this box to a DJ booth and blow the roof off your next party and connect to the revelers like never before.  

All of our models can be designed to your specifications, whether in collaboration with your agency or internal creative and marketing teams. We provide custom designed end-to-end turnkey service to help unbox your branded activations and campaigns. 

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