10 Things to Know Before Building With Shipping Containers

Outside of their intended purpose of protecting cargo being transported across the globe, shipping containers have long been used as temporary storage solutions, for both commercial and residential purposes. Known for their durability and harsh climate resistant capabilities, this has made them attractive for reuse and sustainable building structures. 

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Attainable Housing for Millennials

There are a lot of swirling misconceptions about a generation labeled “Millennials” - people born between “1982 - 2004”. Many Baby Boomers often characterize them as “lazy and entitled,” but Simon Sinek, in a recent interview on “Millennials in The Workplace”, has given the world a refresher on this often misunderstood group. Here is one reason why this group should be understood: Millennials have now officially surpassed Baby Boomers as “America’s largest living generation”, according to the U.S. Census Bureau

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