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Commercial Developer Services

If you are a developer exploring the potential of using prefabricated modular units for your next development, contact Wyn-Box. As a group of architects, planners and contractors, we have the expertise to advise your development team as you consider the advantages and disadvantages between traditional construction methods to that of building modularly.

The most advantageous point in the project to consider modular construction is at the project inception or early in the design phase. If the design has progressed beyond the schematic design phase there may still be an opportunity to adapt the design to work modularly. Wyn-Box will perform a plan review for any proposed project of 5,000sf or more and up to a maximum height of five stories. Discover how you can save significant costs by minimizing exposure to permit review timeframes and reduce construction schedules by up to 50% when compared to non-modular construction delivery methods.

Architectural Services 

Wyn-Box is driven by a first class architectural design engine. Recognizing that design has the power to ignite the imagination and further highlight the limitless potential of modular construction, every single project is rigorous in ambition, quality and execution to further the pursuit of design excellence.

In addition to providing architectural design services, Wyn-Box can offer a wide spectrum of project development services including: 

  • Zoning analysis

  • Programming

  • Feasibility studies

  • Masterplanning / site planning and layout

  • Structural engineering

  • MEP engineering

  • Consulting / Owners representation services

  • Landscape design services

  • Renderings

Pop-Up relocatable modular buildings for purchase

Wyn-box has multiple Pop-Up designs that cover a multitude of functions. If you can dream it then our relocatable modular buildings can bring your vision to reality. Discover which Pop-Up model aligns best with your quick start, start up.

Plans for purchase

Our Pop-Up design drawings are available for purchase. So if you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY’er or know a fabricator who does quality work, download our plans and be prepared to bring your very own Wyn-Box design to life. On the other hand, feel like you might be biting off more than you can chew? No problem. Check out our product page. You can order right online and your new Box will join our pipeline and ship out in a few short weeks.