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Who we are

Wyn-Box is a collective of architects, developers and urban strategists that aim to improve and enhance neighborhoods and communities with innovative and rapidly deployable modular commercial and residential buildings.

What we do

Wyn-Box provides innovative building solutions for activating urban real estate and public spaces utilizing modular buildings. Our work and products activate communities and transform underutilized real estate assets into vibrant and unique urban destinations.   

Who we do it for

We cater to developers and individuals looking for interim or permanent modular building solutions that maximize investment returns and increase property value of long and short term land acquisitions. 


How we do it

Utilizing modular construction means development can happen fast. Since time is money, our building systems and predesigned pop up structures can open and earn revenues in less time than conventional building projects.

Operational short term modular building projects encourage community activation and investment.  Real, tangible social and economic changes that often take years to manifest can now be quantified in a matter of months. Such accelerated growth can benefit local communities while simultaneously increase opportunities, desirability and value of surrounding properties.

When short term modular development projects have fulfilled their purpose, the modules can be relocated and reused in another location. This extends the purpose and lifecycle of the initial project and is a sustainable approach to development.

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If your goal is to minimize construction schedules and rapidly develop commercial projects, building with modular structures like shipping containers can be a perfect solution. Wyn-Box develops prototypical and custom modular buildings for temporary and permanent functions.

Building modularly can form part of a smart and sustainable investment strategy when compared to conventional construction projects. Unlike static, traditional methods of development, Wyn-Box’s modular structures can adapt to fluctuating market conditions and inform dynamic development strategies.