unbox your imagination

modular, Stackable and movable buildings. turnkey service. 




Whether you are building retail spaces or office complexes, Wyn-Box is a perfect solution for rapid development and for future proofing your investment with stackable, movable and modular buildings. Our turnkey solutions for temporary and permanent modular buildings, makes us a one-stop-shop for end-to-end developments. Building with shipping containers and our fabricated modular structures is not only a smart investment strategy, but it is also a more sustainable way to build. Unlike immovable traditional methods of development, your Wyn-Box building can move with you to your next property. Count on us from design to build, we help you unbox your imagination.






If thinking outside the box is your approach to life, then we will provide the Wyn-Box, you provide your imagination. Our turnkey solutions takes the fuss out of planning, design and building your next residence. Wyn-Box is often much faster to build than the conventional approach of traditional developments. Our custom designed modular temporary or permanent structures is quickly becoming the preferred methodology for contemporary and future developments. Wyn-Box is more than just the undeniable cool factor, Wyn-Box is more environmentally conscious and sustainable than traditional building methods. Our shipping container designs are expertly crafted by our team award winning architects in collaboration with your vision, to perfectly suit your needs. Another great benefit to Wyn-Box, is that you can stack and move our structures, because they are modular and can be relocated as you see fit. All structures are built to fully meet or exceed local building codes; so you can be assured that we really do mean it when we say, we provide a full turnkey solution. Let us help you unbox your next residence.



Have a brand that likes to standout from its competitors? Silly question, right? Of course you do! Imagine creating a fully branded experience for your product release, launch and activations. Wyn-Box can design and build your popup experiences such as hotels - among many other branded experiential activations - for myriad events and festivals such as Burning Man, Coachella, Glastonbury - just to name a few. How about a popup café or retail store? The list of possibilities are almost endless. We can help you take your ideas to the next level with our team of award winning architects and fabricators. Wyn-Box can be designed to your specifications, whether in collaboration with your agency or internal creative and marketing teams. We provide custom designed end-to-end turnkey service to help unbox your branded activations and more. Experiential innovation is at the core of who we are, we look forward to working with you.


Our award winning architects and engineers are obsessive about bringing your ideas to life. Great design, quality finishes and fully code compliant; residential and commercial turnkey solutions is our expertise. Co-creating with you for environmental sustainability, thriving communities and investment gains. Our modular prefabricated containers and turnkey process, lets you go from imagination to popup shop, restaurant or special branded activations on an accelerated timeline. Whether commercial or residential ideas, our rapid build and flexible solution is focused on innovation, especially when compared to outdated methods of wasteful real estate development.

Stackable, movable and permanent modular buildings created from your imagination. Innovative, faster and more flexible than traditional development and construction.


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